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Office support for Icon's Groups

With an ever-growing range of digital tools , promotional outlets and other support at our disposal, sky's the limit for Group ambitions!

While Icon's 11 staff members and two consultants work a varied combination of full and part-time schedules, there's still always guaranteed to be someone in the office to help with anything should you need.  Just give the central line a ring on 02031 426 799 - or consult the staff timetables below to plan ahead.

What's possible?

Make the most of news, events, announcements and vacancies and ensure they reach the widest possible audience:

  • Front page news items on Icon's website - avg 45,000 hits per month
  • Our Iconnect newsletter (dedicated mailshot or monthly) - reaching all Icon members
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) - combined following of 24,000 across core Icon platforms
  • Icon News magazine - reaching all Icon members and key sector partners

Support for Group Commitee activities

  • Managing the group web pages
  • Finding digital solutions to communication needs
  • Claiming expenses
  • Coding invoices for payments
  • Conducting an AGM

And more! So...

What can we help you with? (Section under construction)

Promoting my content

Administrating my group

Who does what at Icon

Promoting my content

Types of content you can promote

Where to promote your content

Who will your content reach

Publishing an article on the website

Publishing an event on the website

How to send an Iconnect message

  1. Icon member generates text in Word format
  2. Select an appealing image with permission to use
  3. Send to Icon’s Membership Officer
  4. Specify the membership ranges you want to reach – eg the Archaeology Group, or entire membership  etc
  5. Are you acting as an individual member or on behalf of an Icon Group Committee?
    • Yes – Receive Iconnect draft for approval in Icon Groups template
    • No – Receive Iconnect draft for approval in Iconnect Special template
  6. Approve Iconnect for auto-dispatch to members at agreed time

How to submit items for Icon News

Liaise with Lynette Gill, Icon News Editor, in the first instance to discuss your ideas.

What can be submitted?

  • Articles on recent initiatives, special treatments or interesting projects
  • Group Updates
  • Reviews of recent conferences and other events
  • Book reviews

How to promote a Group event

Consider the ranges of promotional outlets at your disposal:

  • Icon website – events listing, Groups pages, front page news section (if applicable)
  • Core social media feeds
  • Group social media feeds
  • Iconnect e-Bulletins – monthly, Group, Special editions
  • Icon News (for sufficiently long-range events)

Liaise with the Membership Team to review the full range of your options – and especially if you need to raise the volume to drum up more bookings

Promoting a vacancy in my organisation

Administrating my group

Updating your group web pages

Opening social media and communication channels

Claiming expenses

How to submit items for the monthly Iconnect Newsletter

Send a short blub (no more than 100 words) with relevant links and an image to the Head of Membership

Note that the monthly Iconnect reaches all Icon members – so consider whether this would be the most effective platform for your message. Would it better serve your purposes for it to be a front page website news item, for example?

Conducting an AGM

Designing promotional material

Who does what at Icon

Sara Crofts

Chief Executive

Simon Green

Business Manager

Michael Nelles

Head of Membership

Susan Bradshaw

Head of Professional Development

Patrick Whife

Professional Development Manager

Gina Murphy

Professional Development Officer

Cynthia Inesta

Digital Content Officer

Lucy Farley

Membership Officer

Joey Charisi

Events and Administration Officer

Anni Mantyniemi

Policy Advisor

Ben Knox

Advertising Officer

Lynette Gill

Icon News Editor

Jonathan Kemp

Icon Journal Editor