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Pathway membership

Pathway membership

Pathway member is a dedicated Icon membership category open to all conservators who are working towards becoming Accredited Members of Icon - Accredited Conservator-Restorers (ACR). 

The Pathway member  category has been developed in response to feedback from Icon members, which asked us to look at both the cost of Accreditation as well as in how the existing ‘PACR Pathway’ designation for Associate members was being used, and how effective it was in supporting members on their route to accreditation. 

This new category is being introduced for the 2020 / 21 membership year, members applying before that point should follow the usual application process.

What does it mean to be a Pathway member?

It demonstrates that a conservator has a clear commitment to becoming an Accredited member of Icon (ACR). 

For those applying for accreditation, this  membership category offers:

  • Recognition by Icon that you are a Pathway member actively pursuing accreditation regardless of your employment position (employed / self-employed, between posts or unemployed).
  • Support from an Icon Mentor with experience of the assessment process 
  • Dedicated professional development opportunities and advice.
  • An annual review to help you understand how you are progressing towards submitting an application.  
  • Support in monitoring and managing your own continuing professional development. 
  • Ability to attend events across the UK to help you as you go through the accreditation process. 

Members must apply to join the category, submitting proof that they either have a relevant conservation qualification, or that they have at least five years work  experience practicing as a conservator. 

The application form will be available for members ready for the start of the 2020/2021 membership year

For those employing conservators or commissioning conservation services, Pathway members have made a commitment  to becoming an accredited member of Icon as part of their professional development plan. They have had to prove that they are a practicing  conservator   with evidence that they either have a formal conservation qualification or at least five years’ relevant experience working as a conservator. They have not however  been formally assessed by Icon against Icon’s Professional Standards (add weblink) but will be self-assessing their progress towards meeting them at the ‘proficient‘ level prior to submitting an application.  

Why was the the Pathway membership category developed? 

The 2019 review of Accreditation was built on the feedback gained from the 2018 membership survey, Accreditation consultation, and various focus groups and events. This highlighted the need to investigate:

  • the cost of Accreditation
  • how the ‘PACR Pathway’ designation was being used, and how effective it was in supporting members on their way to Accreditation. 

As part of this review, the introduction of the Pathway member category has meant that the previous Stage One application form and associated fee has been removed. Applicants simply pay the appropriate assessment fee when they are ready to submit. The introduction of the Pathway also allows Icon to clearly verify that an individual is eligible for accreditation and is actively working towards it. 

​Icon mentors available for Pathway members

There are over 80 trained Icon mentors, all of whom are Accredited members of Icon (ACR). Mentors with experience of the Icon accreditation process are available for Pathway members offering ongoing support while working towards the accreditation application and assessment process, but can also provide much broader support as required. 

Given that our mentors are all volunteers, we ask that you select three options so that we can ensure we get the right support for you. 

To apply for a mentor please contact Icon’s Professional Development Officer Gina Murphy on