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Icon Strategy 2017-2021

A message from the Chair

siobhan.jpgThe Institute of Conservation is more than an organisation that brings together all those interested in conservation. It is a movement of members who together deliver huge benefits to our cultural heritage and collections of all kinds, working on a daily basis in the care and conservation of much that is precious to us. With the insight, experience and professionalism of Icon members, our cultural heritage is in safe hands.

Our strategy sets out aims and objectives which will inform Icon’s work across the next five years. It sets a strong direction that will help us to focus on our key areas of activity but also that may enable us to respond to the challenges and changes that the next few years may bring.

The Institute of Conservation, its members and supporters, in creating this strategy, want to reach out to all those who are interested in and appreciate that our past can make a vital contribution to our future.

Siobhan Stevenson ACR
Chair of the Board of Trustees (2015-2019)


Download Icon's Strategy 2017-2021

You can also download a text-only version here.


Strategy Overview


Icon – Who we are and what we do

A membership organisation and charity which brings together those with a passion for the care of cultural heritage.

Icon’s vision

Icon’s vision is for cultural heritage to be valued and accessible and for its future to be enhanced and safeguarded by excellence in conservation.

Icon’s mission is to support:

Advocacy – through influencing our partners and the public

Excellence – through building knowledge, high standards and valuing the profession

Engagement – through encouraging public awareness and participation


International Addendum 2019

In July 2019, Icon's Board of Trustees agreed an International Addendum to the Icon Strategy 2017-2021. 

The Addendum recognises that Icon has a significant role to play at a global level and outlines how Icon will embed international engagement within the Strategy's existing strategic priorities.

Download Icon's International Addendum 2019 


Summary of Strategic Aims





Icon's Strategy sets the direction that helps us to focus on the key areas of activity that will deliver impact and against which we measure our success.

Read more about our achievements on Icon's impact page.